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How To Reach Devkund Waterfall

By Road: The distance between Bhira village to Pune, Mumbai, and Nashik is respectively 100 km, 124 km and 150 km. You can take your vehicles till Bhira village. The TATA power plant near Bhira dam is the major landmark to reach the village.

Nearest Railway Station: Kolad station on Konkan railway is perhaps the convenient railway station to reach this spot. The distance between Kolad station & Bhira is 46 km. You can hire private vehicles from the station till Bhira village.

Location Address: Near Bhira village/dam, Raigad district, Maharashtra (India).

Best Time To Visit: September to January is the best and safe period to do a Devkund trek. Do not try to visit this waterfall during peak monsoon months because of the high river flow.

Time Required: 2 Hours from Bhira village.

Difficulty Level: Most of the devkund trek route is easy in grade. You only need to take a precaution near river stream.

Accommodation/ Staying Options: It is not advisable to stay in this jungle due to a presence of wild animals.

Restaurants Nearby/ Eating Stuff: There are no food options nearby this waterfall. Carry sufficient food and water with you while going to this spot. Otherwise, you can make arrangements in the village. Just inform them to make your food while going to the waterfall and have it once you came back to the village.

You need to cross a considerably big water streams in order to reach up to the base of the waterfall. Do not enter into the river if you find that the flow of the stream is high. In the time of high rainfall, the water level of the river rises suddenly due to which many people have trapped in the jungle. It is highly advisable to visit this waterfall after September.